Sunday, January 2, 2011

The House - Inside Walls

This is becoming exciting. The outside of the house has its shape, and the inside has insulation at least part way up the walls. So at this point, it is possible to start framing the inside partition walls and to put up the second floor (or 1st floor for Europe). It's exciting because finally the inside of the house will start to take shape and the division of the rooms will start to show the final result.
Nothing unusual about this process, just 2x4 framing, cutting and installation of TJI and floors.

The lower floor partition walls

Lower floor partitions from above

TJIs and Timberstrand beams

TJIs on the first floor

Insulation and a sub-floor
BC's finest cedar! We'll be installing another one above to the main ridge beam.

Future view from the upper floor
Today is January 2, 2011. I will be in Canada until around the 20th of January. Our next activities for when I get back to Italy is to complete the insulation on the upper floor, the inside framing and to start with the electrical and plumbing systems.
More postings when I get back!

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