Sunday, November 7, 2010

The House - Walls and Roof Pt. 2

Hi All,

We have now started on the roof (well actually it's been a few days), but at the present we have finished half (the easy half!). The roof is a simple one, based on a main ridge beam, and tji joists spaced at 16 inches. We have waterproofed the plywood the half that is done is ready for the tiles. 
The crane remains an incredible asset. Without it, it would be a struggle.
Here are some pics of the roof as of today. We'll add more pictures as we proceed.

Flying the ridge beam, 42 ft long.

Ridge Beam installed, ready for the joists.

Flying the first joist....only 28 to go....

28 joists later, we're done. Ready for plywood.

The back side is done! Sheeted and waterproofed! Starting the porch.

The beginnings of a porch.....

OK campers, here's a puzzle for you. What's wrong with this picture:

What's wrong with this picture? BTW, after I took this picture, I went home!!